Future Teens – Happy New Year chords

G FHappy new year, you get the same old me
Am G FI don't have the resolution to change a thing
G FJanuary won't be different than the last
Am G FExcept of course I'm torn between two homes
Am G FI'm more sick than ever of talking on the phone
Am GMy dog won't live through this winter
FNo one's ever stayed that long
FCome on over, want you to see my room
Am G FI'll have it this whole weekend, about as long as I'll have you
FI can't remember feeling not so far away
Am G FI've been carrying more baggage each time I board the plane
Am G FI was never good at packing, all my bags are overweight
Am GAnd this flight keeps getting longer
FBut the distance stays the same
Am G F C FAnd I'm just calling to tell you that I am not OK
C FI'm not OK
Am F D FI'm not OK
GI'm not OK
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