G Love And Special Sauce – Heaven tab

Probably my favorite off of the new album Fixin' to Die

Riff 1E|-------------------------------------|b|-------------------------------------|g|-------------------------------------|d|------5--7/9-9/7--5---2--------------|a|--5/7--------------------------------|e|-------------------------------------|
Riff 2E|-------------------------------------|b|-------------------------------------|g|--------------7----------------------|d|------5--7/9----9/7--5---------------|a|--5/7--------------------------------|e|-------------------------------------|
Riff 3E|-------------------------------------|b|-------------------------------------|g|--------------7--9--7----------------|d|------5--7/9-------------------------|a|--5/7--------------------------------|e|-------------------------------------|
Riff 4E|-------------------------------------|b|-------------------------------------|g|-------------------------------------|d|-------------------------------------|a|------1-3----------------------------|e|---3---------------------------------|
intro: G, B7, G, C7, G, D7 (D7 is played in the C shape on the 3rd fret) G Riff 1 B7 When did you fall from heaven G Riff 2 C7 Were you gonna let me know G Riff 3 D7 That there’s an angel and she just moved in next door G Riff 1 B7 When did you say goodbye to Heaven G Riff 2 C7 And leave those starry starry skies G D7 When did you leave Heaven sweet angel of mine C7 B7 Well I'm hoping and I'm praying Em7 D C7 Riff 4 C7 Loving me won't make you fall down from grace C7 B7 Em7 D C7 Yes, I'm hoping and I'm praying that the good lord won't take you away D7 At least not today G Riff 1 B7 When did you run on down from heaven G Riff 2 C7 How'd they ever let you go G D7 Why did you leave Heaven for this earthly home C7 B7 Em7 D C7 Riff 4 C7 Spread your wings and fly on home to me C7 B7 Em7 D C7 Spread your wings cause some things were meant to be D7 Most definitely, you and me
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