Two Birds chords with lyrics by G Love And Special Sauce - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

G Love And Special Sauce – Two Birds chords

G. Love - Two Birds

The chords for main verse riff are:

A#7+9? Dmaj7 A7+9? Cmaj7e|---6-----5-----5-----3---|B|---6-----7-----5-----5---|G|---6-----6-----5-----4---|D|---6-----7-----5-----5---|A|---5-----5-----4-----3---|E|---6-----------5---------|(I am not sure exactly what the name of the 1st and 3rd chord are)
The rhythm is fairly easy to figure out Lyrics: we'll be like two birds singing in the moonlight two fireflys lightin up the sky two stars shining through the clouds two clouds floating in the sky we'll be like the moon when the sun is rising two bees buzzing round a flower two crickets singing... two roses budding in the spring time we'll be like the rain fallin in the desert the milky way and the north star we'll be like two peas in a pod we'll be of the same mind and god we'll be in love we'll be in love
*Play this riff instead of the main riffe|---6-8-6---5-7-5---3-------------------|B|---6-8-6---5-7-5---5-------------------|G|---6-8-6---5-7-5---4-strum a few times-|D|---6-8-6---5-7-5---5-------------------| Repeat x3A|---5-7-5---4-6-4---3-------------------|E|---6-8-6---5-7-5-----------------------|
On the third repeat play slower and don't strum the last chord. You can understand what I mean by listening to the song. *Back to main riff we'll be like two birds falling in love we'll be like two birds falling in love we'll be in love
*Play this riff as the outro (similar to the riff above)e|---6-8-6---5-7-5---5---|B|---6-8-6---5-7-5---7---|G|---6-8-6---5-7-5---6---|D|---6-8-6---5-7-5---7---|A|---5-7-5---4-6-4---5---|E|---6-8-6---5-7-5-------|
I'm sure this tab isn't 100% correct, so comments and corrections are welcome :)
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