Gabe Bondoc – Better Yet chords

Capo on 1 (Tutorial Video)
Original Video:

On bridge:
(3x) = 3xxxxx
(2x) = 2xxxxx
WALK DOWN using these chords)

Intro: Cadd9 , Dadd9, Bm7, Emadd9

Cadd9 Dadd9I couldn’t be more obvious
Bm7 Emadd9about the way I feel tonight
Cadd9 Dadd9And I couldn’t want much more than us
Bm7 Emadd9that’s the way I feel inside
Cadd9 Dadd9You, you’ve been holding back and I’d
Bm7 Emadd9love to find out why, oh why
Cadd9 Dadd9We, we could move so perfectly
B7 Emadd9 Cadd9 Dadd9 Gjust come out with me, let’s try
(G)Can I have one chance?
Cadd9Better yet, I want one dance
Emadd9 Cm7Can I see what you are like when the lights go out (tonight)?
(Do Chorus Twice) (Repeat Intro)
Cadd9 Dadd9You say you’re not the dancing type
Bm7 Emadd9Baby, nor am I, it’s fine
Cadd9Baby don’t be nervous, it’s cool, we’ll keep it natural
Dadd9No need to impress me, already think you’re wonderful
Bm7 Emadd9 I can see myself with you for a long, long time
(Repeat Chorus) -Bridge-
Am7Let’s get moving baby, we’ll cut loose
Bm7 Em7Let this music show us what to do
Am7 Bm7 E7And if you take my hand while we’re dancing, well, that’s alright, alright
Am7I’ve been waiting for this moment so long
Bm7 Em7 All I want’s for you to feel at home
Cm7With me, With me
(Repeat Chorus) Second To Last Chorus: ( * means to let ring)
Cadd9*Can I have one chance?
Dadd9*Better yet, I want one dance
Cadd9 (3x)(2x)Emadd9 Cm7Can I see what you are like when the lights go out?
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