Knowing Youll Be There chords with lyrics by Gaither Vocal Band - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gaither Vocal Band – Knowing Youll Be There chords

capo 4 
D G DThe other day i passed the place,you always liked to go
Em Asusand i picked up the phone because, i thought you wanna know
D G Ebut i forgot you weren't there i miss you all these days,
D Asusthat iam reminded of your smile and the funny things you'd
D G Di see you most at christmas, you were like, a little kid
D E Asusyou always loved a good surprise, and now i must admit, that
D G Ei long more for heaven than ever did before
D Asus Dyou give me one more reason and each day i want it more
G Dknowing we can spend a life time reminiscing on the past,
G D Asusknowing i will see your face again where tender moments last
Dit makes me wanna go there
G Bm knowing i wont be alone
Dknowing you'll be there
Asus Dmakes it easy to go home
Capo 5
Dyou left a group of fisherman
G Dsomehow, you left me too
E Asusthough i have felt you many times, i know you saw me through
D G Asusi always long to feel your arms and look into your eyes, and
D Asus Dtalk forever me and you somewhere in paradise.
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