Galaxie 500 – Tell Me chords

Tell Me
Galaxie 500
On Fire

G (320033) or (355433)
C (x32010) or (x35553)
D (xx0232) or (x57775)
Intro: G  D  C  G

G DTell me one more time
C GYou like the shoes I wear
G DTell me as you leave
C GYou really couldn't care
G DI bought all the drinks
C GAnd I paid for your friends
G DJesus can't you see?
C G I'm goin' 'round the bend
(Chorus - you get the idea)
G DLala, la-la la
C GLa-la la, la-la la (x2)
G DStep inside my shoes
C GAnd see things as I do
G DSlip inside this house
C GYou know I'd love you to
G DHow come you can't see
C GThe things you left behind?
G DHow come you can't see
C GI'm goin' 'round the bend?
(Chorus) (Instrumental - feedback-laden guitar solo in G) End on G.
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