Galt Aureus – Eight - For One Girl But All The World To See chords

Capo on 1st fret

Am F C GNothing but dust in these streets,
Am FI'm kicking up memories
C G that belong beneath my feet.
Am F C GSuch a long road to find hope,
Am F C Gthen you just crawl up and sink right into me,
F C Ghey, I feel you seep in,
F C G I know you're deep beneath my skin,
F C Ghey, I feel you seep in,
F C GI hold you deep within my bones.
Am F C GIf the rocks below were coming up close,
Am yeah, I'm just thinking about
F C G how I probably wouldn't notice.
Am F C GMy head's such a beautiful mess:
Am F C Gyeah, it's just you, it's just you, all over the place.
F C GAnd look what we become, x3
D Fyour rising skyline, beneath the sun.
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