Garageland – Not Empty tab
   Not Empty
   Tabbed by Nic Young
   This is the new single from Garageland, on the Not Empty EP. Standard Tuning.
Intro: e-------------------| B-------------------| G-------------------| D-------------------| A-------------------| E-7-7-5-5-3-3-2-2-0-|
Verse: E A There are, there are something you don't say G#m There are something you keep away F# There are somethings you'll never know All verses are in that format. At the start of the second verse, a second guitar with a chorus effect sweep picks the E chord. Halfway through this verse, this guitar turns on distortion and palm mutes those chords. Chorus: B I wanna be free E And now I'm feeling A Whether we stay together G#m Know it won't be forever F# That's a feeling you just can't hide Thats the bones of the song. There is a solo and a weird slidy thing chucked into the chorus, but they aren't necessary to play the song.
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