Garfunkel And Oates – Silver Lining chords

Silver Lining

C DYou gotta get up in the morning
G CNo matter what happened last night
C DHe ripped your heart out without warning
GBut there's only one thing to do
No matter what you're going through
C DGet up out of bed
C DRight foot, left foot moving
C DGet out of your head
C DSoon you'll be improving
You'd see the sun outside is shining If you would only open your eyes Haven't you heard of silver lining? And if he never felt that way Why would you want him to stay? When you have come so far From the place you started Just be the girl you are Although you're broken hearted Deep down you knew that it was wrong That little voice was telling you the truth He was an asshole all along And now you hear it loud and clear Screaming right in to your ear Get up out of bed Right foot, left foot moving Get out of your head Soon you'll be improving
GAnd it doesn't matter why he's gone
It only matters that he's gone
C AAnd soon it's plain to see
FThat you're better than that
G CSo get out your bat and bash his memory
You gotta get up every morning Even if it has to be alone He ripped your heart out without warning
G CBut now you have the whole day on your own
>Transcribed by Lusi (lusimail[at]gmail[dot]com)
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