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Garth Taylor – Why chords

G Why is it when I’m sad
Bm I always think about you?
Bm G Why is it when I’m lonely
BmI just can’t do without you?
Bm C DWhy is it when I smile, I for-get
D G D GThat you were always there for me?
G CThere's no price you would not pay
D Gfor me with your love
GNow every night I lie,
BmAwake because I miss you
GAnd I just can’t deny,
Bmthe way I love you so
C DAnd if I had the chance to re-live,
G D G The days I took for granted oh
C D GI'd never let you go, oh no
G C DRemember how we laughed inside
D G D/G Now why is it so empty?
G C DRemember how we made the deal
D G D/C/GThat we would never part
What if I called you up? (SAME AS FRST VERSE) What if I said I'm sorry? Is there a second chance? And would it last forever and ever? Cause I know I would die without The air I breathe is you oh its you Here's the reason why I swear, it's true (CHORUS) x 2
C D G Oh why oh why x
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