Gary Clark Jr - Breakdown tab version 1

This is the version from his early Gary Clark Jr E.P, 
rather than his new album Blak and Blu.  Though the two versions are similar,
 I do not believe the album version has the main riff which is at the start of the EP.

                             Breakdown (E.P Version) - Gary Clark Jr.
Tabbed by: Matt

Tuning: StandardMain riff (intro):e|-----11-13-11-------------11-13-11-----------|B|---9-------------8-9----9--------------9-8---|G|12-----------12v-----12------------12v-------|D|---------------------------------------------|A|---------------------------------------------|E|---------------------------------------------|
During the verse, palm mute the root note of each chord and play just that (e.g 4, 6 and 3 on the A string) I haven't tabbed the solo, I like to just improvise using pentatonic scales.
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