Gary Glitter - Rock N Roll Part 2 tab

standard tuning

e|------------------|------------------------| B|------------------|------------------------| G|------------------|------------------------| D|------------------|------------------------| A|-2--4-5---5p4-4p2-|-2--4-5---5p4-4h7--7p6--| E|------------------|------------------------|
e|----------------------------| B|----------------------------| G|--------------9-9-7---------| D|-7-7-7-9-9----9-9-7--7-7-9-9| A|-7-7-7-9-9----7-7-5--7-7-9-9| E|-5-5-5-7-7-----------5-5-7-7|
and so on and so forth but it's really easy.any questions get me at bryanedp9@yahoo.please rate it!!!
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