Mad World tab with lyrics by Gary Jules - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Gary Jules – Mad World tab

This is just the verse and pre-chorus I don't have the rest.
I just used the strings that are used to save space.

" All arouynd me theres familiar faces..."eI----------------------------------IbI----------0-0-0-------------------I times however manygI----0-0--------0-2-2-2-2-2-2-0----IaI-2-2---2-2------------4-------4-2-I
"I think its kinda funy, I think its kinda sad."eI----------------------------------IbI-----0-0-2---2-2------------------I x1gI--0-0-----1-1---2-2---------------IaI-2-----------------2--------------I
" the dreams in which i'm dying are the best ive ever had."eI----------------------------------IbI-----0-0-2-----2-2----------------I x1gI--0-0-----1-1-1-------------------IaI-2--------------------------------I
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