Gary Jules – Mad World chords ver. 2

Hey guys, not sure if this is the same key 
as the original song but I'm a girl & I like 
to sing so this is the way I figured it out 
to make it work for my voice. You can use a 
capo if you want depending on how high or low 
you want it to be. 

Gary Jules - Mad World

Am CAll around me are familiar faces
EmWorn out places
GWorn out faces
Em CBright and early for their daily races
EmGoing nowhere
GGoing nowhere
Em C Their tears are filling up their glasses
EmNo expression
GNo expression
Am CHide my head I wanna drown my sorrows
EmNo Tomorrow
GNo Tomorrow
Am DAnd I find it kinda funny
D AmI find it kinda sad
DThe dreams in which I’m dying
D AmAre the best I’ve ever had
DI find it hard to tell you
D Am I find it hard to take
D When people run in circles it’s a very, very
Am D7Mad World
Am D7Mad World
Am CChildren waiting for the day they feel good
EmHappy birthday
GHappy birthday
Em CMeant to feel the way that every child should
EmSit and listen
GSit and listen
Em CWent to school and I was very nervous
EmNo one knew me
GNo one knew me
Am CHello teacher tell me what’s my lesson
EmLook right through me
GLook right through me
Am D7Mad world
Am D7Mad world
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