Gavin James - Say Hello chords

This is my first tab, feel free to leave some feedback if you think it needs changing.

Its the tab he plays in the live version, sounds good to play along.
He also does a hammer on and pull off on each beat on the e string for each G Am and D 
note as follows:

G Am De --3/2/3/2-------0/2/0/2--------2/3/2/3--------------------------------|B --0-------------1--------------3--------------------------------------|G --0-------------2--------------2--------------------------------------|D --0-------------2--------------0--------------------------------------|A --2-------------0-----------------------------------------------------|E --3-------------0-----------------------------------------------------|
Capo 1st fret Intro: G Am
Gtake my memories
and no more insecurities
Amleave me as I am
Dand do it all over again
GI want you to see
G'Cause lately all i think about
Amis different ways to figure this one out
Dcause we were never meant to last
Gthat much is true
Don't you know
C Gthat I will say with you,
C Embut I don't wanna hurt you,
Amjust so you know,
Dplease don't go...oh...ohh
Cwell I'll say goodbye
Am Gjust to say hello
(MUTE) GSee I don't care about the others
Amyou had a choice of something new
Dif you hadn't lied about your lovers
Gwe'd have a chance of something true
Amwell i know this is hard for you,
like its hard for me
DIs this what people do when its harder to breathe
G (Strum muted) Gand you know i could stay with you
C EmBut I don't wanna hurt you
Amjust so you know
Dplease don't go-o-o
C Am Cand I'll say goodbye just to say hello
Am'Cause I know this is hard for you
Dlike its hard for me
Amis this what people do
when its harder to breathe?
(MUTE) Ambut it's not easy
to fall of love
Dbut sincerity
Gis all that I'm thinking of
Cis all that i'm thinking of
Ambut just so you know
Djust so you kno-ow
C D Gthat I say goodbye just to say hello
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