Gaz Coombes – The Girl Who Fell To Earth chords

A D F#m E D E D E The girl who fell to earth, oooh, oooh,
A D F#m E D E D E She gets her kicks from science, oooh, oooh, aaah,
D AIt's hard to see, it's not enough
E DWhen you're blinded by computer love
D ASo tear it down and play it rough
E D You didn't mean to mess it up
A D F#m E D E D E Well how I wish we could start over, oooh, oooh, oh
A D F#m E D E D E You wear your elastic heart on your chewed up sleeve, oooh, oooh, aaah
D AFirst you cry and then you laugh
E DYou're like a circle, cut in half,
D AAnother night of broken sleep
E DI'll comfort you, I'll warm your dreams
D E D EBut you've still got time, my warrior child
C#m D Bm EWhen the storm starts it's only on the outside
D AAt times we couldn't see the light,
E DWe only wipe our tears dry,
D AI know you're there, I know it's you
E DThe girl inside is breaking through
A D F#m E D E A The girl who fell to earth, oooh, oh, ah
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