Geldof Bob – 10: 15 tab

Bob Geldof  10:15 from the album 'Sex Age and Death'
By Alan Hyde .
A                        E
Jeanne saved my soul again last night.
F#m                          A                           E         F#m
She bathed me in love. She told me I was beautiful, and I 
made her come alot.
G                             E                  G
She made me special perfumed tea, went and bought 
E              G     F#m
patisserie, put on music... Bob Marley, Lay me back and 
fed me.
A                            E                F#m
She read a poem by Baudelaire, sitting naked in a chair
G                            E              F#m                     E
Her perfume filled the holy air, and eased my tired heart.
A                E          F#m                                   G
She lit a fire later on, put her bra and panties on. I watched
                E                          F#m               
her as her beauty shone, and filled my empty soul.
A                           E                    F#m
And though I did my best and tried, Sadness claimed me 
                 G                                          E   F#m
and I cried, She wiped the wetness from my eyes, being 
                                             A                             E
kind, she said she didn't mind. She drew a bath and washed
               F#m                                            G
me clean, then kneeling took me by degrees. She held me
        E                 F#m
 till I went to sleep, then put me on the 10:15
A                      E   
God you work in wonderous ways, bless this girl for all her 
         G                              E                F#m
days. And when I'm tired and old and grey, I'll think of this
day... smiling
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