Gene Pitney – Love Grows tab

Love Grows

Bb   C      D#m        Bb
Love grows, love still grows

Bb     C         D#        Bb     
Baby I know what I have to say
      D#             Bb            G#   G#6  G  G#6  
Won’t bring back the days from the past
    Bb       C          D#              Bb
But baby, oh where have gone the loving days
       D#        Gm
It was good only yesterday
When you led me to believe that your love wouldn’t die
G#                                        F
Only to deceive me and leave me wondering why
F                                /G   /A  Bb 
You’re going, you’re going, so te-ell me  why

              Bb7          D#              F#        
Your kiss was longer then, our love seemed stronger then
Every little thing that I try to do
D#			                  F       D#    F
Makes me realize that I’d be lost without you, Oh baby, baby
Bb                 Bb7             D#		    F#
You, you taught my heart to kneel, why now must you make it bleed?

Bb                                         D#       F
???? love is here within my heart can ever end, can only grow stronger
Bb                                          D#      F
you have only got to say the words and I’ll mend to make it last longer
C#                                  F#                            Bb
If I had to face the future without you I don’t know what I would do

Cause love grows and love still grows 
And my heart knows that love still grows....

by: José Duarte
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