General Elektriks – Take Back The Instant chords


General Elektriks
Take Back The Instant
Good City For Dreamers

Tabbed By Josh Mulla

Capo 1

E,  G,  C,  Bb, C#

E G Take back the instant, when you brushed him off your shirt
C You tried to drag him to the trash
Bb C# You tried to trade him in for cash
E G Take back the instant, when you blew him off your path
C With a kiss reading 20 below zero
Bb C# Tomorrow is a no-go, a no-go
E G Cold cold moment, when the first doubt shot through your head
CA black ink drip running through your veins
Bb C#Start ___________________ bringing you sweet pain
E G Pregnant seconds, dripping through the hour glass
CWhen the lure of men who could be kings
Bb C#Made you lose the man, who was wearing your ring
E He didn't match your lucious thoughts tonight
G You couldn't look him in the eye
C Bb C# Awkward is the embrace, when it's not tight,
(N/C) Not tight
E And so the jewel you once both had
GIs left crumpled, like a collapsed lung
C Bb C# When all you had to do, was hang out in the sun,
E G C Bb C#Hang out in the sun
E G Sir you feel so dignified, your watch is very ornate
CBut you were just born into the right place
Bb C#Just born into the right race
E G You're climbing mount everest now, granting wishes from above
C Favours are yours to give
Bb C#Lies are yours to live
E G Take back the instants, that lead you to believe
CThat the earth shakes cos youre not happy
Bb C#And the sun rises cos youre not sleeping
E Youve got the loudest parade in town
GClowns assasins and crooks
CYou got ladies in see-through gowns
Bb C#Reading extracts from your books
E Beggars are trailing at the back
G Waving from the cardboard float
C Youre thinking that up close
Bb C#Statistics can be such a drag
E G Your cup is full now, blood is the colour of this wine
CAnd its dripping from the ceiling
BbAnd its making the chandeliers ring
C#And the instant the ballroom over flows,
Asus2 E G C Bb C# Your throats turn into your gallows
This is a great song performed by a fantastic band. Im sure all of this (with the exception of the A sustained 2) is correct! Enjoy
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