Generationals – I Promise chords

Since no one has tabbed this wonderful song yet I thought I'd be the one to change that! Enjoy (:
Em7,D,G,C,D x2Then
G,D,Am,D x2 I been watching the birds as they go
GI been keepin my bank account low
DI been keepin my end of the deal
Amwith Saint Anthony and Saint Thomas
DMy little sister gave it a hell of a try
GYou know I hear it gets worse when you die
DI can't believe you got me waiting for another year
AmBut if you ever make it back I'll be here
D And I'll be ready, I promise
Em7,D,G,C,DI promise
Em7,D,G,C,D I hear your voice say things to me
G DBut I get up for nothing 'cause I'm afraid to see
Am DEvery day is so twisted, I know you won't give in
G DBut I'll still be here if you want me back again
Am DI promise
Em7,D,G,C,DI promise
Em7,D,G,C,D Em7,D,G,C,D x2 I promise G You can always come home
D Am DI promise
GYou can always come home
D Am D I try to count the chimes
GWater the flowers above the sink sometimes
DI listen to your records
AmDo you still have mine?
DEvery day is so twisted, I know you won't give in
G DSo I promise not to try to make it breathe again
Am DI promise
G D Am D x2Chorus Melody is played during the same time the verse is played as well,so just to let you know.
Em7 D G C D x2 -Isaac
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