Genesis – Carpet Crawlers tab

Hey, this is my first Tab and one of my fav songs!

The song is basically D and Em on the verses and it, though it can be strumed, 
sounds good when you play it like this.

D Eme|---3--3--3--3--3--3--------------| You should listen to the song b|----2--2--2--2--2----------------| and try that against it. Playedg|---------------------0--0--0--0--| at a paced speed it should work!d|--0--0--0--0--0--0----2--2--2--2-| Also use your fingers it helps!a|--------------------2--2--2--2---|E|---------------------------------|
The chorus is another story I can't see the finger picking working for a beginner but try it on these chords. It works it just sounds strange if not worked on. F#m The carpet crawlers heed their callers A G A You got to get in to get ou - - -t A G Bm You got to get in to get ou - - -t Bm C D You got to get in to get ou - - -t
F#m A G Bm De|---------3--2--2--|b|--2---2--3--3--3--|g|--2---2--0--4--2--|d|--4---2--0--4--0--|a|--4---0--2--2-----|E|--2------3--------|
Now here is the bit everyone loves about this song. The Steve Hackett bit when it gets to, "You gotta get in to get out". Also remember I have figured this out through the live versions but can be put in the studio one just as easily.
Thank you very much for trying this tab. I doubt there are many with the Steve Hackett bit but if you watch the video of Genesis Live zyou'll see how it done. Once again thank you.
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