Geoff Moore – When All Is Said And Done chords

Geoff Moore and the Distance
"When all is said and Done."

D GWhen the music fades into the past
D GWhen my days of life are through
D GWhat will be remembered where I've come
G A DWhen all is said and done.
D GWill they say I've loved my family
D GThat I was a faithful friend
D GThat I lived to tell of God's own son
G A DWhen all is said and done.
Bm A Of how I how longed to see the hour
Bm A When I would hear that trumpet sound
Bm A G Rise to see my saviors face
A See Him smile and say well done.
D GYou can forget my name and the songs I've sung
D GEvery ryme and every tune
D GBut remember the truth of Jesus love
G A BmWhen all is said and done
G A DWhen all is said and done.
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