George Harrison – Behind That Locked Door chords

George Harrison
(All Things Must Pass)
tab by: Alberto Montalbano

Intro: (D)(G)(D)
C GWhy are you still crying
AmYour pain is now through
D C GPlease forget those teardrops
F DLet me take them from you
C GThe love you are blessed with
AmThis world's waiting for;
D C Bm AmSo let out your heart, please please
G D G DFrom behind that locked door
C GIt's time we start smiling
AmWhat else should we do
D C GWith only this short time
F DI'm gonna be here with you
C GAnd the tales you have taught me
AmFrom the things you saw
D C BmMakes me want out your heart, please
G D G DFrom behind that locked door
C GAnd if ever my love goes
AmIf I'm rich or I'm poor
D C Bm AmPlease let out my heart, please, please
G AmFrom behind that locked door
G Am D GFrom behind that locked door
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