George Harrison – Cloud Nine tab


By seboddos aka zappy the koala

Intro Hawaiian SlideE |----2/4---------2/4/7/4---2/4------3--------------------------|B |-4------------4---------4------2/3----------------------3-3---|G |----------6b--------------------------5/3-0-2/3-3-3-2-0-----0-|D |--------------------------------------------------------------|A |--------------------------------------------------------------|E |--------------------------------------------------------------|
G#m7 Db/Ab G#m7 Have my love Db/Ab G#m7 It fits you like a glove Gm Eb G#m Join my dreams tell me yes F# Gm bail out should there be a mess D#m7 the pieces you don't need G#m7 Db/Ab G#m7 are mine D#m7 G#m7 I'll see you there on cloud nine Take my time I'll show you cloud nine take my smile and my heart they were yours from the start the pieces to omit are mine Have my love use it while it does you good share my highs but the times that he hurts pay no mind the pieces you don't need are mine Take my hope maybe even share a joke if there's good to be shown you may make it all your own but if you want to quit that's fine while you're out looking for cloud nine.
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