George Inara – Fools In Love tab

Inara George is a wonderful new artist. She's got a lovely voice and pretty guitar work.
Some of her songs are covers (such as this one) but her own work is excellent too. This
is from here album "All Rise." This tab is a very rudimentary chord version of the Joe
Jackson song "Fools In Love"

Intro: Am

Am        C
Fools in love
F              Dm     Am
Are there any other kinds
Of lovers
Am        C
Fools in love
F             Dm    Am
Is there any other kind
Of pain

Am                  C
Everything you do, everywhere you go now
F                      Dm
Everything you touch, everything you feel
Am                  C
Everything you see, everything you know now
F                   Dm
Everything you do, you do it for your baby
Am         Em    Am       Em
Love your baby, love your baby
Am         Em    Am
love your baby, love

Verse 2 (same chords as before):
Fools in love, 
are there any creatures more 
Fools in love,
never knowing when they've lost
the game


F                   G
Fools in love they think they're heroes
F                   G
'cause they get to feel no pain
F                   G   C(bar)
I say fools in love are zeros
Dm(let ring)
I should know,
(No Chord but the ringing Dm)                Am
I should know because this fool's in love again

Verse 3 (as before):
Fools in love,
gently hold each others hands
Fools in love,
gently tear each other limb
from limb



End on an Am

Chords Used:
   Am:  x02210
   C:   032010 
   F:   133211
   Dm:  xx0231
E7sus4: 02020x
   G:   355433
C(bar): 335553

This is one of my first tabs. If anyone wants to help me out and correct it, or to tab
other songs by Inara George, I'd greatly appreciate it. My e-mail is
for any suggestions or notes.
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