George Jones - If Drinking Dont Kill Me chords

C The bars are all closed
It's four in the morning Must have shut'em all down
GBy the shape that I'm in
CI lay my head on the wheel
And the horn begins honking The whole neighborhood knows
G CThat I'm home d runk again
F CAnd if drinking don't kill me
GHer memory will
FI can't hold out much longer
CThe way that I feel
F CWith the blood from my body
FI could start my own still
CAnd if drinking don't kill me
G CHer mem ory will
CThese will old b ones they move slow
But so sure of their footsteps
GAs I trip on the floor and lightly touch down
CLord it' s been ten bottles since I tried to forget her
G CBut the memory still lingers lying here on the gr ound
repeat chorus:
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