George Jones - Choices chords

Artist: Jones George
Song: Choices
Standard Tuning

     Chords used:

In some parts of the song switching from D to Dsus4 sounds pretty good, you'll 
have to listen to the song for timing.
-My 2nd submission, open to any criticism- 


[D] [G] [D]I've had choices , since the day that I was born.
[D] [A]There were voices , that told me right from wrong.
[D] [G]If I had listened , no I wouldn't be here today.
[D] [A] [D]Living and dying , with the choices I've made.
[[Chorus End]]
[A] [G] [D]I was tempted , by an early age I found.
[A] [G] [D]I like drinkin' , oh and I never turned it down.
[D] [G]There were loved ones , but I turned them all away.
[D] [A] [D]Now I'm living and dying , with choices I've made.
[[Chorus]] [[Interlude]] D , G , D , A , D .
[D] [A] [G] [D]I guess I'm paying , for the things that I have done.
[A] [G] [D]If I could go back , oh Lord knows I'd run.
[G]But I'm still losin' , this game of life I play.
[D] [A] [D]Losing and dying , with the choices I've made.
[[Chorus]] [[Interlude]] D , G
[D] [A]Living and dying with the
[A] [D]choices I've made
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