George Jones – Finally Friday chords

Begin- C  G  C  G  C
C I've gotta hundred dollar smokin' in my
G I know I outta save it but it's burnin' a
C hole, Right thru my pocket and into my skin,
G Come Monday mornin' I'll be broke again
C G(Chorus) It's Finally Friday, I'm free again,
CI got my motor runnin' for a wild weekend,
GIt's Finally Friday, I'm out of control,
Forget the work and blues and let the good
C C Ctimes roll, roll, roll
C I got a little sugar baby down the road,
G CShe's sittin on ready and rockin' on go,
C We'll dance up a storm and later on the
G We'll be workin' on a new one on our own
things right (chorus)
G Ending: Monday I'll be hurtin with my head
in a vice,
C Tuesday I'll be wonderin' if I'll ever
F CWednesday and a Thursday I'll be slowly
Gtunin' in, Friday I'll be revin' up my motor
again. (Chorus; repeat twice) End- Chorus instumental. C G C G C [Thanks to Caleb Hagwood for tabs]
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