George Michael – Mothers Pride tab

Mothers Pride Chords by George Michael

This is a much easier version¬Ö the only tough chord is B, and I typically play it in the 
position, muting the top string (too tinny).

To match George Michael’s studio version, tune your guitar down a half note.

Gsus4:E |---|---|-4-|--------|B |---|---|-3-|--------|G 0---|---|---|--------|D 0---|---|---|--------|A |---|---|-1-|--------| (make sure you hear this C note)E |---|---|-2-| ----|
[Intro] -
Ame:-----------------|---------------|-----------------|-----------------| RB:-----0-------0---|-----0-------0-|---0-1-----0-1---|---0-1-------0---| EG:---2-------2-----|---2-------2---|-0-----0-0-----0-|-----------2-----| PD:-2-----2-2-----2-|-3-----3-3-----|-----------------|-3-----3-3-------| EA:-----------------|---------------|-----------------|-----------------| AE:-----------------|---------------|-----------------|-----------------| T
Dm G Oh she knows C She takes his hand Am And prays the child will understand Dm G C At the door they watch the men go by Am In the clothes that daddy wore Bb Mother¬ís pride G Baby boy C His father¬ís eyes Am Bb He¬ís a soldier waiting for a war G Time will come Gsus4 He¬íll hold a gun G His father¬ís son -repeat intro- Dm G And as he grows C He hears the band Am Takes the step from boy to man Dm G C At the shore she waves her son goodbye Am Like the man she did before Bb Mother¬ís pride G Just a boy C His country¬ís eyes Am Bb He¬ís a soldier waving at the shore G And in her heart Gsus4 the time has come G To lose a son -repeat intro- Dm G And all the husbands, all the sons, all the lovers gone C They make no difference Am No difference in the end Dm G C Still hear the woman say your daddy died a hero Am In the name of God and man Bb Mother¬ís pride G Crazy boy C His lifeless eyes Am Bb He¬ís a soldier now forevermore G Gsus4 G He¬íll hold a gun ¬Ďtill kingdom come
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