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George Thorogood – Move It On Over tab

This song is easily played when you capo the guitar on the third fret.

000 = triplet

E (hold chord, then flat pick/strum as show) E7E------------------------|---------------------0-|B--00-----0-000----0-000-|-----00--22-33-22-00-0-|G------11--------11------|---11----------------1-|D----22--------22--------|-22------------------0-|A------------------------|---------------------2-|E------------------------|---------------------0-|
I come in last night, 'about a half past ten, that baby o mine wouldn't let me in,
A (strum, add pinky notes) E (strum, add pinky notes) E--0---0---0-2-3-2-0-0--|--0---0---0---------0---|B--2---2---2---------2--|--0---0---0-2-3-2-0-0---|G--2---2---2---------0--|--1---1---1---------1---|D--2---2---2---------2--|--2---2---2---------0---|A--0---0---0---------0--|--2---2---2---------2---|E--0---0---0---------0--|--------------------0---|
movin on over................ rockin on over................
B7 (strummed) A7 (strummed) E E--2---------------------|--0------------0-4-3-2-0-------|B--0---------------------|--2------------0-0-0-0-0-0h2s3-|G--2---------------------|--0------------1-4-3-2-1-------|D--1---------------------|--2------------2-0-0-0-2-------|A--2---------------------|--0------------2-0-0-0-2-------|E--0---------------------|--0------------0-0-0-0-0-------|
Move over little dog,.............the big bad dog's a movin in..... repeat above for second and remaining verses.... Well she's changed the lock on my front door and now my key don't fit no more So get it on over (move it on over) Scoot it on over (move it on over) Move over skinny dog cause the fat dog's moving in This dog house here is mighty small But it's better than no house at all So ease it on over (move it on over) Drag it on over (move it on over) Move over old dog cause a new dog's moving in She told me not to play around But I done let the deal go down So pack it on over (move it on over) Tote it on over (move it on over) Move over nice dog cause a mad dog's moving in She warned me once, she warned me twice But I don't take no one's advice So scratch it on over (move it on over) Shake it on over (move it on over) Move over short dog cause the tall dog's moving in She'll crawl back to me on her knees I'll be busy scratching fleas So slide it on over (move it on over) Sneak it on over (move it on over) Move over good dog cause a mad dog's moving in Remember pup, before you start to whine That that side's yours and this side's mine So shove it on over (move it on over) Sweep it on over (rock it on over) Move over cold dog cause a hot dog's moving in I haven't figured out the solos yet (solo means that you can figure it out on your own...) Enjoy
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