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Geraldine Fibbers – Marmalade tab


 G               F#              G               F#

 Bb              A      C        C               G (hold)

(Bass slide:)e--------------------------------------|b--------------------------------------|g--------------------------------------|d--------------------------------------|a--->5--3~----2~-0---------------------|e--------------------------------------|
(VERSE:) G F# Mar - ma - lade, sun - ny days, G F# drugs make me wanna sit next to you Bb A C C Doc - tors floating to and fro --- G G Silverfish is on the go --- G F# I'm in rapture, I'm in deep G F# All I want to do is sleep. Bb A C C The sky en - close me, I'm go - ing down --- (BRIDGE:) (-> = slide) ----------------------------------------------------------------- |1...2...3...4..|1...2...3...4..|1...2...3...4... D Eb D ->D Eb D ->D Eb D G* G* (CHORUS:) G* G* Marmalade, Marmalade, Don't try to find me, G* C G Don't try to pull me out. My Marma - lade >G* G* Marmalade, Marmalade, Make me so happy, G* C G Make me forget my name. My Marma - lade C G C G*(hold) My Marma - lade --- --- --- (Pause) F# Duck pond memories Pass me by, G F# Pad - dle Boats and cher - ry pie. Bb A C C Wet eye - lashes look in - side --- G G Droplets gath - er in your eye. --- G F# Days and hours melt a - way, G F# Dol - ly says I'm here to stay. Bb A C C It's hard to care, the mist comes down. --- (BRIGDE:) (again...) (2nd CHORUS:) G* G* Marmalade, Marmalade, Tell me a stor - y, G* C G Help me forget I'm gone. My Marma - lade. >G* G* Marmalade, Marmalade, Hide me somewhere, G* C G Carry me out of here. My Marma - lade >G* G* Marmalade, Marmalade, You're the devil, G* C G you're half emp - ty now My Marma - lade C G My Marma - lade My Marma - lade. C G My Marma - lade My Marma - lade C G --- My Marma - lade C G --- --- F#
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