Geri Halliwell – Look At Me tab

Look at me
Geri Halliwell- Look at Me

This songs crap but I'm bored.

Normal tuning (EADGBE)

Opening bass/synth line (sounds WAY too much like Propellorhead's 
"History Repeating")

--5--7~5---------------5-7-5--- *repeats*

Verse: Just kind of tap this chord (F 1)---1-----------------1-----------------2-----------------3-----------------3-----------------1--------------
and occasionally tap on C for a bit but this is only a suggestion. Chorus: ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- --3(bend when she says "looooook...")--3~5-(play the 3 when she says "at" ---------------------------------------------------- and the 5 when she says "me") The piano bit is just:
Bad song but you might be able to impress your 6 year old sister who is into Spice Girls... ~Ned
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