Gg Allin – Carmelita chords

Song: Carmelita
Artist: GG Alin
Written By: Warren Zevon
Album: Carnival of Excess
Tabbed by Jason O. Kaveh

CI hear mariachi static on the radio
Gand the tubes they glow in the dark.
And I'm there with her in Encinada
Cwhen I'm here in Echo Park
FCarmelita, hold me tighter
C FI think I'm sinkin' down.
C GAnd I'm all strung-out on heroin
G Con the out--skirts of town.
CWell I pawned my Smith and Wesson
Gand I went to meet my man.
He hangs out down on Alvarado Street
Cby the County(Pioneer) Chicken stand.
CWell I'm sittin' here playin' Russian roulette
Gwith my pearl handled gun.
The county won't give me no more methadone
Cand they cut off your welfare check.
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