Gg Allin - Fuck Women Ive Never Had tab

by GG Allin & the Scumfucs.
Based on a song by Hank Williams, Jr.
Tabbed by Jake Strange.
Play all verses as I have tabbed the 1st verse...also
play the same thing under the solo.

e|--------------------------------------||B|--------------------------------------||G|---------------5----------------------||D|--3------------5----------------3-----||A|--3------------3----------------3-----||E|--1-----------------------------1-----|| "I like making noise and sixty-nines"
e|----------------------------------------||B|----------------------------------------||G|--3------------------------------5------||D|--3-------------3----------------5------|A|--1-------------3----------------3------||E|----------------1-----------------------|| "I like getting drunk and doing lines"
e|---------------------------------------------||B|---------------------------------------------||G|--3---------------------------------------3--||D|--3---------------------------------3-----3--||A|--1---------------------------------3-----1--||E|------------------------------------1--------|| "I don't really care if it pisses fags, yeah"
e|---------------------------------------------||B|---------------------------------------------||G|----------------------5----------------------||D|--3-------------------5---------------3------||A|--3-------------------3---------------3------||E|--1-----------------------------------1------|| "And I like to fuck women I've never had"
I take a lot of smoke & a lot of wine I get high w/ all those friends of mine I like the sluts & whores ??????? & I like to fuck women I've never had I like to drink my whiskey & shoot my drugs I'm just a scumfuc suckin' dog ????????????????????? & I like to fuck pussy I've never had
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