Gg Allin - I Wanna Fuck Myself tab

I WANNA FUCK MYSELF, GG Allin & the Scumfucs
Tabbed by Jake Strange.

Chorus:e|------------------------------||-----------------------------------|B|------------------------------||-----------------------------------|G|--555----------555555---------||-----------------------------------|D|--555-555-3333-555555-555-3333||--555-3333333333333333--555555555--|A|--333-555-3333-333333-555-3333||--555-3333333333333333--555555555--|E|------333-1111--------333-1111||--333-1111111111111111--333333333--| (play the 1st measure 4x)
I think that's about all of it, except the solo. Play along with the song to get the timing for it. Best place to get GG Allin lyrics are at EK's GG Allin SuperSite.
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