Gilda - Put The Blame On Mame chords version 1

This is Put the Blame on Mame from Gilda, by Alan Roberts and Doris Fisher

I am not a guitar grand master, but have been wanting to play this song for years 
and could never find a tab on the internet. After waiting and waiting for someone 
else to put one up, I finally figured out a basic version myself. So I don't claim 
that this is the master tab, only that this is the simple, basic chord progression. 
I hope you will build upon it and resubmit!

In the acoustic version in Gilda, it's played with capo on the 6th fret.
B7 is 021202 

Em When Mrs. O'Leary's
Amcow kicked the lantern
B7 in Chicago
Em They say that started the
Amfire that
B7burned Chicago down
Am That's the story that
Emwent around
Em But here's the real low
Em Put the
B7 Blame on
Em Mame
B7 boys
Em Put the
B7 Blame on
Em Mame
And so on.....
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