Gillian Welch – Dear Someone chords

                                DEAR SOMEONE

                           ** CAPO ON 1st FRET **

D A I wanna go all over the world and start living free
A A7 D I know that there's somebody who is waiting for me
D D7 G I'll build a boat steady and true. As soon as it's done
G E7 D E7 A D A I'm gonna sail along in a dream of my dear someone
D A One little star smiling tonight knows where you are
A A7 D Stay little star, steady and bright to guide me afar
D D7 G Rush little wind over the deep for now I've begun
G E7 D E7 A D(D7) Hurry and take me straight into the arms of my dear someone
G E7 D E7 A D A (open) D Hurry and take me into the arms of my dear someone
E7 A7
e|---|---|---|---| e|---|---|---|---| B|---|---|-X-|---| B|---|-X-|---|---| G|---|---|---|---| G|---|---|---|---| D|---|-X-|---|---| D|---|-X-|---|---| A|---|-X-|---|---| A|---|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---| E|---|---|---|---|
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