Gillian Welch – Winters Come And Gone chords

capo III
standard tuning
G 320003
Em 022000
C 032010


G repeat for a bit

Verse 1:

G Emoh little red bird come to my window sill
G Embeen so lonesome shaking that morning chill
G EmOh little red bird open your mouth and say
G Embeen so lonesome just about flown away
C G so long now i've been out in the rain and snow
Em but winter's come and gone and a
C G little bird told me so
Verse 2:
G Emoh little blue bird pearly feather breast
G Emfive cold nickels all that i got left
G Emoh little blue bird what am i gonna do
G Emfive cold nickels ain't gonna see me through
Chorus Verse 3:
G Emoh little black bird on my wire line
G Emdark as trouble in this heart of mine
G Emoh little black bird sings a worried song
G Emdark as trouble til winters come and gone
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