Gizzard – Not Alone tab


Bas (2x) (Nog geen translatie)G----------------------------------------------D----------------------------------------------A--------0-0----2-2--2-2-0-------0-0-----------E---3-3-------0-------------3-3------0---------
Dan rest valt in (F/G/D) 2x F G D I’m working to midnight F G D To work it out alright F G D You destroyed my entire life F G D But you can’t take it away Bas valt in F G D I lost my confidence and feelings F G D You used me all the time F G D Now I am alone again F G D I am feeling bad so you better stay away Pre refrein: Bes I’m working to midnight C To work it out allright D All alone Bes I think it was over the C time we had seemed G so right. Bes The world is fooling C me, why do I just D Believe? Bes Will it end or C will it go A on Refrein: D F Do you listen right G Bes Do you listen to what I say D F G Bes I’m right here and you’re over there D F G Bes We could be together but now we’re alone D F G Bes All alone D F G Bes It’s quite clear that you ‘ll have to change F G But the problem is do you see it, do you see it? 2x F/G/D couplet bas + gitaar (+ keyboard?) zoiets als intro Couplet ; F G D Two souls, two ways, Do I have to say, F G D we grow out of each other. F G D Like good and bad, smart and stupid. F G D The differences were to big F G D It couldn’t last long and now we are separate F G D Two persons two feelings two thoughts F G D F G D Did I lost you forever or do I find you back Pre-chorus & refrein Bridge F Bes Not alone not forever F Bes Feelings of void disappear G Bes A People will be together always Refrein (zachtjes) Refrein 4x F/G/A couplet bas + gitaar (+ keyboard?) zoiets als intro Outro (zachtjes) F G D Not not, no not, no-----t alone
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