Glass Tiger – Dont Forget Me When Im Gone tab


The year was 1986.... The Ford Aeorstar (worlds ugliest minivan) was introduced into
the automotive market on the same chassis as the F-150.... and a Fresh Group called
Glass Tiger released a hit single that went something like this...

Part A
A   D       G         A        D         G
You take my breath away  wooah woah woah oh
A    D           G         A         D         G
Love thinks it's here to stay  wooah woah woah oh

PArt B
Bm             C#m        D       E7
There's still so much for me to do
Bm    C#m        D      E7 
And I can't stop loving you
Bm C#m    D       E7
Oh    can this be true

If you could see what I have seen
(The) broken hearts and broken dreams
Then I wake up and you're not there
Pain finds me everywhere
Oh! but you don't care

F        Bb              F
Don't forget me when I'm gone
   Bb                 F
My heart would break 
F      Bb               C
I have loved you for so long
It's all I can take
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