Glen Hansard And Marketa Irglova – Buzzin Fly chords

hi! this is my first tab, hope u like it!

tuning: D A D G B E

200020=A11 Intro, verse/chorus: |D||D Dsus4| Repeat over and over :) Bridge: |A7aug5||A11||D| Repeat 2x and then the 1st part again Verse/chorus: Just like a buzzin' fly I come into your life Now I float away like honey in the sun Was it right or wrong I couldn't sing that song anyway Oh, but darlin' Now I remember How the sun shown down And how it warmed your prayin' smile When all the love was there You're the one I talk about You're the one I think about Everywhere I go And sometimes honey In the mornin' Lord, I miss you so Bridge: That's how I know I found a home That's how I know I found a home Verse/chorus: Oh, hear the mountains singing Lord, I can hear them ringing, darlin', Out your name And tell me if you know Just how the river flows Down to the sea Now I wanna know Everything about you I wanna know Everything about you Hope u like it!
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