Glenn Campbell – Wichita Lineman chords

Bass lead in;  Bb A F D C

Intro:   F   Gm7/F bass  x 2

Gm7/C Bbmaj7 I am a lineman for the county
Am7 Gm7/CAnd I drive the main road
Dm AmSearchin' in the sun
G DFor another overload
C+2I hear you singing in the wires
G/B bassI can hear thru the whine
Gm/Bb D/A bassAnd the Wichita Lineman
G add A/A bass Bbmaj7 C+2 Bbmaj7 Gm7/CIs still on the line
Bbmaj7I know I need a small vacation
Am7 Gm7/CBut it don't look like rain
Dm AmAnd if it snows that stretch down south
G DWill never stand the strain
C2And I need you more than want you
G/BAnd I want you for all time
Gm/Bb D/AAnd the Wichita lineman
G+A/A bass Bbmaj7 C+2 Bbmaj7 C+2Is still on the line
Outro Bb C Bb C Seen a few chord charts for this, but I believe this to be about right with the correct bass progressions/ chord inversions. See what you think?
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