Glenn Packiam – Forgiven Forever chords

pretty sure this is right, let me know if you have any suggestions!! God bless :)

Forgiven Forever, Glenn Packiam
capo 2
verse 1
GOnce we were lost and so far away
EmWandering in darkness, covered in shame
CWithout You
GWithout You
G Now we’ve been found by a love that is stronger
EmNo longer blind, we can see all along
CIt was You
GIt was You
GWorthy is the Lamb, seated in heaven
D EmBeautiful the blood, we are forgiven forever
CForgiven forever
GVictory is won, Jesus is risen
D EmLove has overcome, we are forgiven forever
CForgiven forever
verse 2
GBefore we had fallen redemption was planned
EmYou were our hope long before time began
CIt was You
GIt was You
GAfter creation is made new again
CWe’ll join together, with one voice we’ll say,
Em“It is You!”
C Jesus, it’s You
(chorus) bridge (2x)
D/F#No death, no life
EmNo present, no future
CNo angel, no demon
GNo power, no creature
D/F# Em CCan take me away from the love that’s in Jesus Christ!
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