Gnarls Barkley – Smiley Faces tab

Since theres only 1 tab on the whole net for this song which is horribly wrong, i
figured I'd post a correct version.
(put a capo on 1st fret and transpose down a half step to make it much easier to play)

The bass played the fifth of every chord, so if the chord is Bb, the bass playes a F.

           Bb,             Bbm,       Ab
What did u do, what did u say, did it take long or just a day.....

      Ebm,                               Fm                             Ebm, Fm
I can tell u know how hard this life can be, but u keep on smiling for me....

I'm pretty much 95% sure on these chords.  They're spot on if u play along with the song.
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