Gnarls Barkley – Suicide chords

			     SUICIDE - Gnarls Barkley
Tabbed by: Gerben

Tuning: E-A-D-G-B-e

So this is a really simple tab. The song only sounds good using vocals or a whole band. 
consists of 3 chords only:

Verse: Bm A
Chorus: Bm Em

I prefer using barre chords a posted below, but it's also possible to play higher on the 
of your guitar. Just do me one favour, avoid the open Em, that one sounds crappy in 

Bm A Eme|--7--|--5--|--7--|B|--7--|--5--|--8--|G|--7--|--6--|--9--|D|--9--|--7--|--9--|A|--9--|--7--|--7--|E|--7--|--5--|--X--|
During the lines of text it's best to play as little strums as possible, after each line make a real song of it. It's hard to explain since i'm not a native speaker of the language and also a beginning guitarist. Just listen to the song, you'll figure it out.
Bm All i want is your understanding,
AAs in the small act of affection.
Bm Why is this my life?
Ais almost everybodys question
Bm Emand i've tried every thing but suicide
Bm Embut its crossed my mind
i prefer peace wouldn't have to have one wordly possession but essentialy im an animal so what do i do with all the aggression (chorus) well, ive tried everything but suicide but its crossed my mind life is one way street, hey if you can paint it i'd draw myself going in the right direction so i go all the way like i really really know what the truth is im only guessin (chorus) and ive tried everything but suicide ohhh but its crossed my mind just a thought its even dark in the daytime its not just good, its Great Depression when i was lost i even found myself looking in the guns direction (chorus) and so ive tried everything but suicide but yes, its crossed my mind but im fine
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