Gnarls Barkley – Going On chords

Going On Chords
Going On
Gnarls Barkley
The Odd Couple

I didn't see any tabs for this song so I decided to stop being lazy and learn it myself. 
glad I did because it's pretty simple. Let me know if I got something wrong.

Standard tuning. Capo in the first fret.
Intro: Dm Am C and G

Em GI've seen it with my own eyes
DHow we're gettin' otherwise
AWithout the luxury of leavin'
Em GThe touch and feeling of free is
DUntangible technically
ASomething you've got to believe in
Em GConnect the cause and effect
DOne foot in front of the next
AThis is the start of a journey.
Em GAnd my mind is already gone
DAnd though there are other unknowns
ASomehow this doesn't concern me.
GAnd you can stand right there if you want
Dm AmBut I'm going on
C GAnd I'm prepared to go it alone
Dm AmI'm going on
C GTo a place in the sun that's nice and warm
EmI'm going on
G D AAnd I'm sure they'll have a place for you too oohoohoo
Em G DAnyone that needs what they want, and doesn't want what they need
AI want nothing to do with
Em GAnd to do what I want
DAnd to do what I please
AIs first of my to-do list
Em G DBut every once in a while I think about her smile
AOne of the few things I do miss
Em GBut baby I've to go
DBaby I've got to know
ABaby I've got to prove it
GAnd I'll see you when you get there
Dm AmBut I'm going on
C GAnd I'm prepared to go it alone
Dm AmI'm going on
C GMay my love lift you up to the place you belong
EmI'm going on
G D AAnd I promise I'll be waiting for you oohoohoo
(The end goes from Dm Am C and G to Em G C and A over and over again.)
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