Gnarls Barkley – Transformer Acoustic tab

tabbed by: qweyet Gi

This is made from listening to Gnarls Barkley's LIVE performances,
where they slow down the tempo and make it more soulful.
Leave your criticisms.

Bm Em7e|----2------3-----|B|----3------3-----|G|----4------4-----|D|----4------2-----|A|----2------x-----|E|----x------x-----|
Melody Riff - played the entire time Bm Bm Bm Bme|----------------------------------------------------------|B|----------------------------------------------------------|G|--------4-4----------4-4----------4-4----------4-4--------|D|------4------------4------------4------------4------------|A|---2--------2---2--------2---2--------2---2--------2------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
Em7 Em7 Em7 Em7e|----------------------------------------------------------|B|------------3------------3------------3------------3------|G|---------4------------4------------4------------4---------|D|---2------------2------------2------------2---------------|A|----------------------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------------------|
Lyric Order Chorus - Verse 1 - Chorus - Verse 2 - Chorus Chorus: Verse 1: I, I, I, I, I, I I'm just being myself Know how to transform Plus I gotta be me too I can transform Silly of me to think that I'll transform I couldn't bring myself to be you I'm a transformer Ah but behold there is benevolence I, I, I, I, I, I Behind this but don't stare though Know how to transform Be careful cause I'll kill you, with kindness I can transform That why I'm dressed quite neatly I'll transform Cause its easy and discretely they seek me I'm a transformer And when they reach me and see me they believe me completely I'm a real live wire I ain't lying If its between me and you I ain't dying I can transform, I can transform, I can transform without even tryin' Verse 2: Now I'm someone else Now someone can be me too Behold the beautiful and bold everyday I wake up to be new Oh but its simple but they still can understand why I think I can, I think I can, I think I can or can I I'm a microchip off the old block You know not but I was a robot And I sold "rock" and you would get Fo' sho' shoot with a gold glock, boy I rode pac Something that you won't see again What the hell might as well be a friend I can transform, I'm a transformer No telling who I will have to be again
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