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Gnarls Barkley – Neighbors tab

                           By: Gnarls Barkley

Tabbed another one of my favorites.  Let me know if you it can be improved. Thanks.

   Dm                     Bmaj
Now my neighbor likes where I stay
             Dm                     Bmaj
But doesn't, know, the price that I pay
My neighbor!! My neighbor!!
        EbMaj                     Dm
Myyyyy neighbor... wants what he sees
My neighbor!! My neighbor!!
        Ebmaj                            Dm
Myyyyy neighbor... thinks he wants to be me
But he'll never be
From out my window, seems just fine
Ebmaj                                        Dm
But in his mind, again his world is far from kind
Gmaj             Dm     Gmaj                 Dm
So I invited him over, could this make a new friend
Gmaj                   Dm   Gmaj               Dm
But once I got to know ya, wish I never let you in

Dm                       Bmaj
Now my neighbor likes my clothes
Dm                               Bmaj
But hadn't seen me with my scars exposed
My neighbor!! My neighbor!!
        Ebmaj                  Dm
Myyyyy neighbor, ohhh dissatisfied
My neighbor!! My neighbor's,
   Ebmaj               Dm
behavior... is unjustified
I'm sick and tired

I don't know, if he lives all alone
  Ebmaj                                                  Dm
But if you're scared of the darkness best leave the lights on
Gmaj                      Dm
I had a talk with my neighbor
Gmaj                Dm
Say it simple and plain
Gmaj                  Dm
I guess, he understood me
Gmaj                 Dm
He never came back again
Dm                        Bmaj
Now my neighbor, likes my car
Dm                                    Bmaj
But no matter where you go, there you are...
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