Go-betweens – Streets Of Your Town tab

e: Wed, 1 Apr 1998 18:52:27 -0800 (PST)
From: danny lloyd 
Subject: CRD: g/go-betweens/streets_of_your_town.crd

From: 16 Lovers Lane, by Grant McLennan
Transcribed by Danny Lloyd, Sydney Australia.

Apparently the BBC would only play it on sunny days, but I recommend
it for any weather.  If anyone knows the lead breaks or the bridges
please send them on.
Feedback always welcome.  Enjoy.

Chords: C = 332010
        G = 320033
    Fmaj7 = 033210
    Gmaj7 = 055430

In the basence of any backing vocals, try this riff
at the end of each line of the verses, (indicated by
R1) on the B string,  5-3-3-1-0.

Gmaj7     Fmaj7  Gmaj7  Fmaj7
Round and round, up and down,
Through the streets of your town
Every day I make my way
Through the streets of your town.

  C             G              Fmaj7  R1
And don't the sun look good today
But the rain is on it's way
Watch the butcher shine his knife
And this town is full of battered wives.


And I ride your river under the bridge
And I'll take your boat out to the reach
Cause I love that engine roar
But I still don't know what I'm here for.

(Repeat Chorus).

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