Go Fish – Lord I Give You Me chords

[Verse 1]
E BLord I give you me, I give you my all
C#m AI hold nothing back, I'm answering your call
E BThough I live or die, your glory is my life
AMy royal destiny
[Verse 2]
E BLord I give you me, it may not look like much
C#m AI know that I need change, I know I need your touch
E BSo take me as I am, mold me in your plan
AThat's where I want to be
[Verse 3]
E BLord I give you me, Lord of every breath
C#m AI worship you in life, and I worship you in death
E BI lay down my heart, It's all I have to give
AAs long as I live
[Chorus] x4
E B C#m ALord I give you me
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